The Primal Bohemian Re-Imagined

Throughout the past few seasons, British designer Jonathan Anderson has been on the road to mastering the art of making complicated clothing look simple. For Spring Summer 2019 of his namesake label JW Anderson the designer played upon the concept of creating a collection influenced by bohemian culture. “I wanted something a bit more bohemian. A celebration of fashion. Everything with fluidity to it, and patch-worked, somehow,” he explained. Now bohemian could have meant as much as creating flower crowns and printed dusters and sending it down the runway, but not for JW Anderson. His interpretation of bohemian felt like a rendition of its mid 19th century Victorian gypsy roots.
This included handkerchief point dresses, bib-fronted shirtdresses, peasant skirts, tailored check jackets with fringed macrame overlays, fit and flare dresses with light laces sleeves, big puffy leopard sleeves, long cotton dresses, big white bows and low necklines. These were pieces whose end results could have easily resulted in the resemblance of costume, but with Anderson’s touch were able exude a fashion forward nomadic undertone that maintained an elongated version of a classic feminine silhouette while being friendly towards movement.
“It was this idea of the empowerment of women. How do you empower the look of the wearer? With fluidity and everything moving off the body.
It’s this idea that the clothing comes to life through walking in a domestic space — or in the landscape of life. It’s laid back,” the designer affirmed

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