A Glamorous Vintage Oddity

Throughout the past few years creative director Alessandro Michele has earned himself the rights as the king of all things bizarre and contrary to conventional within his regards to fashion. With his revival and reintroduction of Gucci’s identity in 2015, the brand has gained itself a troupe of misfits, a fashion cult if you will, eager to follow the designer’s themes of orchestrated chaos each season. A few seasons ago Michele established that head accessories and baby dragons were a thing and of course the crowd went wild.

For Spring Summer 2019 however, the designer drew his inspiration from a rather strange silent film by an old French theatre from the ‘70s called de Berardinis and Perla Peragallo. A film that featured a girl with black eyes who freshens up herself with a splash of urinal water, the type of thing you would only expect to see in a horror movie, or at a Gucci show of course. Inside the theatre in Paris, Michele presented a collection that explored his ongoing theme of oddities but with a vintage twist. “Everything is a bit dusty here, a bit abandoned, but beautiful.. but this place is full of life,“ he affirmed.

The collection played upon the notion that each look was a character resurrected from this theatre’s peculiar history. This was interpreted through glittered hats and ostrich feathers scarves, jeans cut like chaps with chains as suspenders, fringe jackets and gowns, bedazzled jockstraps worn over trousers, models in Gucci branded underwear and a few very elaborate shoulders. Michele’s narrative is one that has proved to remain intriguingly consistent . It sings with a rhythm that creates pieces that are presented in a way that can be labeled as flashy and campy, which is perfect for the younger generation of millennials. However, when each look is dissected, the collection reveals pieces that are timeless, pieces that allows a duality of being worn to a night at the oscars, as much as it can be worn to your local night club, simply because its Gucci, which is why the brand's sales have been currently upward on the market.

On theme with his fascination with glitz and glam of the past, the designer opted to centre the campaign for this collection around Hollywood musicals from 40’s and 50’s . The campaign features all the characters from the show brought to life in extravagant vintage musical productions as models dance and belt out the notes to a few musical theatre classics.

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