Ethereal, Poetic & Aristocratic

The great poetic value of precision and detail which reigned in the past was what sparked the inspiration behind Loewe’s Spring Summer 2020 collection. Creative Director Jonathan Anderson’s vision was one that began with a homage to the era of homemade and handcrafted with references to the 16th and 17th centuries, put in his words “when the craft was in the tiniest thing…when you had to rely on precision.”

The collection was an interpretation of historic silhouettes and techniques like lacemaking and fine embroidery, crafted for the modern day woman. References to the 15th century were made with wide-hipped silhouettes , lace and linen silhouettes, chantilly & feathered foot pants. The maximalism of the quality was streamlined into gracefully minimalist fit-and-flare shapes.Of course being one of the top Spanish houses, he also put on show some of the label’s finest leather bags which are some of the brand’s best selling accessories at the moment. The leather craftsmanship was also brought out in footwear with sandals and espadrilles. Each look, each dress or pants or blouse told a story from a century not so far away, the collection itself was a poetic reincarnation of these 17th & 16th stories, tailored to fit into the context of 2020.