A Style

For SS20 , designer Miuccia Prada stepped away from the traditional grandeur glamours of fashion to strip things back and focus on the concept of personal style. Each look from the collection was tailored precisely to fit and highlight the model’s personal and physical attributes. It was all about the model as opposed to the clothes. The opening look, a simple grey wool blouse with a white matching skirt and leather loafers. Every one thereafter mirrored this concept of not overshadowing the woman’s personality with the clothes but rather complementing her in subtle simplistic manners. A green velvet summer dress was simply paired with a lilac purple hat and big glasses, a gold leather suit was given a simple white collar, and put on a bare faced model. Hints of vintage aspects were also sprinkled about the collection with silhouettes that likely resembled Prada silhouettes in the late 90’s as well as references of several different eras including the 70’s and 20’s. The accessories from the collection were made quite bold statements as well with necklaces and earrings crafted from large shells & macrame holiday bags. The collection itself was self referential , and centred around the idea of putting the woman first and the clothes second. It was a simple yet refined proposition to summer wear featuring a mix of light textures including straw , velvet, bugle beads , macramé, calf & paillettes.

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