An Optimist Rhythm

Prada’s SS20 Men’s collection marked a moment when Creative Director Miuccia Prada was moving to quite an optimistic tune. For the collection presented in Shanghai last year, Mrs. Prada explored notions of optimism and simplicity throughout masculinity.
On a blue-lit runway she highlighted these notions of optimism through a boyish elegance by acknowledging its significance and impact of fashion design. And as a result acknowledging the designer’s power as an artist with self affirmations, “I am no longer an artist; I have become a work of art,” a quote from the voiceover played during the show. The collection was almost like an ode to oneself, an embrace of both the good and the bad, the old and the new, the rebellious and the sophisticated. Classic pieces are decontextualised with contrasting proportions and scaling created to frame the male body abstractly. A long shirt addresses the line of a tailored jacket, polo shirts and sweatshirts are given macro volume, each piece was crafted with a sort of boyhood in mind that speaks to a type of freedom. The type of boyhood that may recall the spirits of Boy Scouts which may have been subconsciously hinted with the above the knee shorts, tent-like nylon tank tops and palette of khaki’s included the collection. These were complemented by neutrals of baby blues, pinks, blacks and greys in tune with that of the resort collection. As described in the show notes “technology has become a fetish, ” where cassette tapes, floppy disks and other old pieces of technology are mounted on shirts and jackets like merit badges. From the light hues to the knee high cuts and playful accessories , with this collection the designer reminds us of a period of childlike happiness as she helps remind us to stay optimistic during dark times.