Craig Green's Inwardly Transcendent Collection

British designer Craig Green is undeniably one of the more complex menswear forces in modern day fashion.  His method of taking what may look like a simple notion and moulding its visual aspects into cords and notches which connect and transform into evidently skillfully crafted collections is one like no other. Green’s two awards won consecutively, for the British Menswear Designer of The Year if anything is a testament to the effectiveness of the conceptual, almost anti-utilitarian manners in which the designer’s mind works.

For Fall Winter ’18,  Green made references  to the military and their concept of moulding and constricting men which he envisioned into the making of a cast that included the marginal pieces cut off and human tents which were brought out in his collection through fins on trousers, extra outlining on jersey sweatsuits etc.                       

However the Spring Summer ’19 collection which showcased in the Boboli Gardens, Florence last June sung a slightly different tune. This time his inspiration brewed from the possibilities of what we know as the inexistent. “Sometimes, the scariest thing you can think of is reality, and the best thing you can think of is something you don’t know, like an afterlife or a heaven,” commented Green. The collection was an exploration of the men among us which are in some ways angels themselves, holding the facets of our lives at their very finger tips: cleaners, surgeons, postmen etc. It spoke to a type of inward trajectory which shines a light on the unsung heroes among us. “ I like the idea that people could become angels in their lives by working hard and doing good.” Prints of a nurse’s and caseworks aprons were set into shirts,  multicoloured neo-trippy prints and blankets were brought together by ropes. His trademark string fastening technique appeared as robust cable-like lifelines draped around and across contours, quilting appeared in a texture resemblant of pixel-static and the neoprene outlines of men were worn around the backs and shoulders of models. The collection concluded with the final look of a compilation of multi coloured blankets strung together by ropes, “ I thought they looked like a portal, a doorway, an escape to a better place,” he said. Each piece of work the designer crafts has proven to be more than just fabric and thread, but carries a cloud of thoughts behind them which although may not be everyone’s cup of tea, keeps an audience intrigued with the messages brought forth, and eager to cop these iconic pieces.

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